Thalgo Facial

Descovery Facial £37.00
This is the perfect express facial, if you are on the go, for an instant infusion of marine and essential nutrients.
3 Algae Ritual £56.00
A signature algea facial suitable for all skin types, leaving your complexion soft, radiant and beautiful.
Source Marine Ritual £56.00
A moisture boosting delight for all skin types, particually dehydrated. This treatment leaves the skin hydrated, its texture improved and complexion smooth, plump and radiant.
llluminating Radiance Ritual. £56.00
Reveal your skins beauty and radiance. Your skin will breath again looking fresh and youthful.
Cold Marine Ritual £56.00
A haven of comfort for any skin, leaving the skin soft, soothed and restores comfort to dry, very dry or sensitive skin.
Collagen Smooth and Fill £70.00
This treatment uses marine collagen, which has an affinity with the skin and gives an immediate smoothing affect.
Incorporating Caci non‑surgical £102.00
Silicium Super‑Lift Facial.  £77.00
This unique treatment uses marine hyaluronic and silicium molecules, which fills deeper wrinkles and lifts and reshapes your face.
Incorporating Caci non‑surgical. £110.00
Ultimate Exceptional £98.00
This manual face lift, using Thalgo's revolutionary massage technique'Energy Lift' targets and tightens individual facial muscles and visibly lifts the entire face. Providing the ultimate anti-ageing facial to combat all signs of ageing.
Ocean Facial (for men) £56.00
Relax and recharge your skin. Your skin will feel refreshed and re-engergised and shaving irritations soothed away.

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